Now Enrolling Grades 1 Through 6!

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We Celebrate Individual Learning!


Our Curriculum for Grades 1 - 6

  • Expeditionary Learning: Child-centered, inquiry- and project-based learning in place and nature

  • Intimate, multi-age classrooms

  • Integrated character development

  • Weekly outdoor learning adventures 

  • Locavores Farm-to-Table Program

  • Art, music, movement

Scholarships are available.  No student is turned away based on financial need!

About Us

Founded in 1999, the Methow Valley Community School engages students in authentic learning experiences that motivate them to excellence and prepare them to be contributing members of the greater community and world.

Our Expeditionary Learning education model is based on the idea that we learn best when we are actively involved. MVCS students have hands-on learning experiences that help them create understanding of various academic subjects. Through engaging in project-based, interdisciplinary learning expeditions that are relevant to their own lives and their larger community, students develop a deeper sense of place, and become active participants in their own academic and character development.

We invite you to browse our website and learn more about this unique, small school serving children in grades 1 through 6. Please keep in mind that no amount of pictures or written text can fully convey the true uniqueness of the MVCS. We encourage you to visit the school, meet the students, staff and families and see for yourself how very special this place is.


MVCS Mission

We nurture.....

          a child's natural abilities, sense of place, and growing wonder.

We practice....

          in-depth critical thinking and creative expression.

We value...

          community, character, and adventure.

We are ambassadors...

          into the journey of life-long learning.

MVCS Guiding Principles

  • Love of Learning
  • Character Development & Sense of Self
  • Social and Communication Skills
  • Academic Excellence
  • Creating Community
  • Leadership & Teamwork
  • Arts & Culture
  • Diversity
  • Nature, Sustainability, & Sense of Place
  • Community & Civic Service


These principles are used to guide MVCS and we are committed to honoring them at all levels: board, staff, families and students.  Read more about MVCS Guiding Principles