About us

The Methow Valley Community School is about creating a community in which children are given the opportunities to become their true selves as well as responsible, caring members of a greater good.


The CS was founded on the belief that the education process can be something different than the status quo, if we truly want it to be. Education means many things to many people.  Holistic education means creating an environment of emotional safety and support in which children and adults come together to learn from and teach to each other.  To truly educate anyone we must first recognize what is valued and valuable.  We must provide experiences and opportunities that build on a foundation of trust and compassion.  We must recognize the value of our community and create teaching opportunities that provide our children with a real sense of place in, not only the school community, but the larger community as well. We must trust that without emotional and physical safety true learning cannot take place. Most importantly, we must believe in the innate abilities of our children to gain from any experience what they most need, trusting in ourselves that there is more to life’s lessons than reading, writing and arithmetic.   


Read MVCS History, by founder Deb Jones Schuler


Older kids read with younger kids
Older kids read with younger kids...
one of many cross-age interactions
Outdoor Education is integral to our program
Outdoor Education is an
integral part of our program