Q:  Why do people choose the Community School?

A:  There are as many answers to that question as there are students.  The following is a statement by a parent of both an alumni and a current student:

"As a Community School parent I have made a choice for my children's education.  I value the character development and community building, above all else.  While some parents may be more interested in which college their child might attend, it is more important for me that my children grow into quality human beings, first.   Thoughtful individuals who treat each other, their friends, community, their world and environment with respect and understanding.  If they can do all that, they can certainly manage the daily challenges of academia, the work place and beyond."

The following list of reasons for choosing the MVCS was generated by parents whose students attend, or have attended, this school:

  • Small class size allow for personal attention
  • Academically challenging and engaging
  • More in-depth education of subject matter
  • A culture of respect between kids and kids/adults
  • Service to the greater community
  • Students are taught as individuals with particular attention paid to their personal learning styles
  • Recognition of gifts and challenges in a supportive environment
  • Quality of work is stressed over the quantity of work
  • Emphasis on the arts and music
  • Diverse student body
  • Personal growth and development, character traits and life skills curriculum
  • Multi-age friendships and natural mentoring opportunities abound
  • Emphasis on positive character traits and self esteem
  • Transparancy of the school
  • Diverse educators and great teaching staff
  • Art, music, drama, outdoor ed., and science
  • Students supported to learn at their own pace
  • Integrated curriculum
  • A connectedness to the community


Q:  Why do MVCS students spend a whole day each week doing sports?

A:  The Outdoor Education program at the MVCS is much more than a day of sports each week.  It is a comprehensive, multi-faceted program that engages students in a number of essential academic and skill building activities to further their development.  For example, a cross country ski day may include a morning of ground work, trust-building initiatives, and group-building activities.  Once on skis the students may be asked to put those initiatives into practice to overcome a  group challenge.  Science, physical education, expedition work, personal development, and character development are all integral components of the outdoor education opportunities at the MVCS.


Q:  Does MVCS offer financial assistance?

A:  Yes.  In any given year between 50% and 90% of the student body benefits from our scholarship fund.  Annual tuition in 2017-18 is $8,378 per student.  The MVCS asks that families make every attempt to pay at least 40% of that amount while the school will assist those in need of making up the balance.


Q:  Can my student ride the public school bus to the MVCS?

A:  Depending on where your family resides, your student may be able to ride the district bus or use the public TranGo system.  Please call us for more information.  We encourage families to carpool and rideshare whenever possible. 


Q:  I have a child in the public school and wish to enroll another at the MVCS.  How do the school calendars compare?

A:  MVCS makes every effort to coordinate its yearly calendar with the public and Montessori schools of the valley.


Q:  Can my child participate in public school or after-school sports and programs while attending the MVCS?

A:  YES.  Children within the Methow Valley School District, whether home-schooled or enrolled in a private/public school, are permitted (and encouraged) to participate in extracurricular activities such as sports, plays, musical events, dance, and art.


Q:  What is the class size at the MVCS?

A:  The MVCS has several "crews" with an average of 14 students per crew.  Core teachers are supported by volunteer parents and community members to further improve the adult:student ratio.


Q:  Where is the MVCS located?

A:  The MVCS is currently housed in the lower level of the Twisp Community Center.  In 16 years the school has outgrown four previous locations and hopes to remain at its current facility for the long-term.