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Family Involvement and Volunteering

Volunteers teach their children the joy and obligation we all have to give some of our precious time to worthwhile causes.   Children of volunteers will one day be the leaders of tomorrow.

Why volunteer at the MVCS?

Volunteers have played, and will continue to play, an important role at the Methow Valley Community School. Students, teachers and the community benefit from the work of individuals like you who freely share their talents and resources. 

Parents are asked to volunteer at MVCS for many reasons.  So much of the extra-value at the MVCS is a direct result of the tremendous support we get from our parent volunteers. The numbers of volunteers who contribute to our school each day helps create a true feeling of "family" in our school; family that supports the rich learning environment in which our children thrive. 

Additionally, our school culture and guiding principles embrace service learning as a core part of our curriculum.  Students develop an ethic and habit of service by working collaboratively with community members and organizations to create projects that meet community needs; volunteering your time to support MVCS provides an authentic model of this ethic for our students. 

In August and September of we will publish volunteer opportunities and requirements for the school year, and work with families to identify areas of contribution that are a good fit for the unique skills each family offers.  Volunteering requirements each year will generally include time supporting both classroom and fundraising efforts.

We also know that as a volunteer, you too will be rewarded.  We strive to make your time and effort meaningful, to add value and depth to your experience and your child’s education. We look forward to an exciting new year and challenge you all to consider any area in which you can volunteer. Let us continue to build up one of the best volunteer teams and make this an incredible and positive year for everyone: students, teachers and parents!

For more information about our program and available tasks, please contact our office at methowvalleycommunityschool@gmail.com